Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bad Math Equals Bad Mortgage

A recent study published by CNN shows that borrowers with poor math skills made up the highest percentage of home owners that foreclosed on their homes. In fact poor math skills resulted in borrowers being FIVE TIMES more likely to default on their loans! My Rate Mailer gives loan officers the opportunity to do the math for their clients in the most efficient and effective way possible. With My Rate Mailer, you're not only building a strong online mortgage marketing campaign but also gaining your clients trust. Do the math for them, save your clients time and money while closing more loans! An example from the study shows that most borrowers have the most difficult time computing interest rates!

"The simplest question asked them how much a $300 sofa would cost at a half-price sale. The most difficult asked how much a savings account of $200 would grow to after earning 10% interest for two years."

Do the math for the clients, sign up with My Rate Mailer today and close more loans!

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