Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bad Math Equals Bad Mortgage

A recent study published by CNN shows that borrowers with poor math skills made up the highest percentage of home owners that foreclosed on their homes. In fact poor math skills resulted in borrowers being FIVE TIMES more likely to default on their loans! My Rate Mailer gives loan officers the opportunity to do the math for their clients in the most efficient and effective way possible. With My Rate Mailer, you're not only building a strong online mortgage marketing campaign but also gaining your clients trust. Do the math for them, save your clients time and money while closing more loans! An example from the study shows that most borrowers have the most difficult time computing interest rates!

"The simplest question asked them how much a $300 sofa would cost at a half-price sale. The most difficult asked how much a savings account of $200 would grow to after earning 10% interest for two years."

Do the math for the clients, sign up with My Rate Mailer today and close more loans!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Loan Officer Sales Advice

In today's mortgage market, buyers are looking for the best rates they can find. They want to be kept informed about the housing market and ever changing mortgage rates. My Rate Mailer gives busy loan officers the opportunity to generate professional rate sheets to send out to any or all clients, in the most efficient and effective way possible. Online mortgage marketing techniques now offer loan officers the opportunity to connect with their buyers and agents, keeping them engaged and informed about market rates and even specific loan requests. Don't wait sign up today at My Rate Mailer, and close more loans!

Ask for referrals

If you just closed a loan with a client who had a great lending experience, as if they know of a friend, co-worker, or family member who is also in need of a loan officer. A good loan officers will find their next client instead of sitting around, waiting for the phone to ring. My Rate Mailer offers the opportunity to gain more referrals without the hassel of continued online mortgage marketing attempts. Clients can easily copy and paste your Mailer to any social media site or forward your mailer with the simple click of a button. Save time and money with using My Rate Mailer!

Be accessible

For most of your clients, this is the most important purchase of their lives and they want to know that you will be there with answers when they need them. Be accessible via cell phone and e-mail, and even on your social networking accounts. A client will readily give your name and number to a friend in need of mortgage assistance if they had an easy experience. My Rate Mailer puts you in the forefront of your clients inbox, demonstrating that you are always available to them. Clients will see your rates as soon as they change, giving them a sense of comfort and trust in your abilities as a loan officer.

Don’t wait for them

Go through your database and look for opportunities—they are right there in front of you. The best plan of action is to set up an account with My Rate Mailer, which will import your list of clients, giving you the ability to contact them, providing them with the opportunity to save more money on a refinance. Yes, we know that rates are low right now, but they may not – they aren’t the mortgage experts, you are.