Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Knowing the Difference: In-Person Marketing vs Online Marketing

As a fairly new company to the mortgage marketing realm, we have been doing our research on existing rate mailers, Loan Officer marketing tools, and Lender websites that are currently available. What we have found is that the more "Tools" or "Tricks" that are offered with each service, the more cluttered and misdirected the message seems to be. We understand that, as a Loan Officer, it is imperative to get yourself out there, promote yourself as a trustworthy and reliable lender, and be consistent and available to your clients. However, including irrelevant and bulky material in your mailer takes away from your business and is misleading to clients. We recently came across a marketing tool specifically for Loan Officers that uses a third party site to not only automatically populate their newsletter with "Mortgage Related Content," but also includes articles used to bait clients, like kitchen tips or sports news. While techniques like this may have worked in the past, there is a line being drawn between marketing in-person and marketing online.


As a salesman, I understand that being well versed in an array of topics is important in gaining clients. However, this tactic does not translate well online. When sending out your rates to interested buyers or realtors it is important to keep in mind that relevance is key. While you may have gained their trust through in-person sales, your mailer should be designed to fit the needs of your service. People are growing more accustomed to online marketing schemes, subject lines designed to get more opens, and bait tactics to get more clicks. My Rate Mailer cuts to the chase, sending your rates to your client base. The mailer is always relevant, and never cold or spammy. Your rates are distributed to your clients, the mailer is personalized to fit your profile, but never includes erroneous information.


In researching online mortgage marketing tools for Loan Officers, we found certain mailers that were designed like mini websites! Think, a mailer with a drop down navigation?! We understand the need to provide information to clients but there is a definite distinction between providing necessary information and providing unnecessary information. Think like the client, whether it is a realtor or interested buyer, they are looking for the best rates, sometimes having to sift through countless websites or other mailers. They want a direct, straightforward mailer. Bulk takes away from you as a lender and distracts or even sometimes frustrates your clients.


While some of our competitors may argue that containing more information, especially on personal topics aids in the personality of your mailer, we strongly disagree. Save your personality for in-person sales or phone conversations. The online market is changing, minimalism and direction are key. In the past, we were learning our way around the web, flashing ads or a mailer with a catchy "FREE MONEY TODAY!" subject line may have caught our attention. However, the more people grow accustomed to online marketing tactics the more they appreciate a straightforward direction. My Rate Mailer incorporates colors of your choosing, your company logo, a picture of yourself, along with links to any social media outlets you would like to include (Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Personal Website) without being a distraction to the client. Personality without the flair or bulk of the past. The body of your mailer includes your rates, nothing else, no kitchen tips, no sports news, just what your client is looking for.

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