Thursday, April 11, 2013

3 Ways to Get Clients to Open Your Emails

My Rate Mailer is designed to get you more referrals and close more loans! Marketing experts agree that there are 3 main ways to get more clients to open your emails: Solve a Problem, Save Them Money, Make Them Smarter. My Rate Mailer sends your rates directly to your clients, or provides you with a file that can be easily posted to any social media outlet. This solves the problem of clients shopping around for the best rate, instead the best rates are delivered directly to them! Solve the problem, save them money, and make them smarter, all with My Rate Mailer!

1. Solve a problem.

If you knew that an email marketing newsletter would help solve a problem you were having, would you subscribe to it? If the sender set expectations up front and promised that every email would lead you closer to solving that problem, you'd open those messages, wouldn't you?

2. Save them money.

Groupon and other daily deal emails have proliferated by offering subscribers the opportunity to save money. Sure, you have to spend money to save, but it can be enticing to get 50 percent off a dinner at a restaurant you've always wanted to try or 40 percent off the oil change you've been putting off for months.

3. Make them smarter.

Some of us embrace the "always be learning" motto. To hone our skills, we read business or trade publications, or we take courses. Many marketers exploit this desire to become smarter by sending emails that promise just that.

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