Monday, April 8, 2013

3 Tips For Successful Online Mortgage Marketing

A successful online mortgage marketing campaign can make a great difference in your career as a Loan Officer. My Rate Mailer helps increase YOUR exposure as a loan officer, gains YOU more referrals, and displays great customer service. My Rate Mailer is a service created to help YOU succeed as a loan officer in today's market. Sign up today for a FREE trial!

Using Technology for Exposure

Online mortgage marketing such as ongoing e-mails, banner ads on local news station websites and Craigslist are inexpensive.  They can also be extremely effective and easy.  But, don’t forget about the methods that work for you right now such as networking, newspaper ads and targeted postcards (with your Email Address).  After all, when markets change, traditional ad budgets are one of the first things to get cut.  That makes sense to a degree as long as you’re redirecting your attention to online methods that are equally as effective.  Should you cut 10% of your print budget and direct all potential clients to fill out an online 1003 to save you time and resources? Maybe.  The point is, scaling back in efforts and expense can cost you far more money than you’re saving in the long run. 


Referrals, Referrals, Referrals!

Constantly ask for referrals.
 Refer customers back to real estate agents, builders, and others whenever possible. Create a memorable/positive impression with first-time customers so that they will be enthusiastic about referring you to others.

Customer Service

Never forget to practice good Customer Service. 
Send proactive follow-up emails to borrowers to inform them of their loan status. Personally attend loan closings to ensure the transaction ends smoothly and make it a practice to under-promise and over-deliver, especially for loan closing times.

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