Thursday, March 28, 2013

Loan Officer Jobs On The Rise, How To Compete?

Loan Officer jobs have been steadily increasing this year along side of the long anticipated housing recovery. How will you get ahead of the sea of lenders? My Rate Mailer will keep you ahead of the pack, providing mailers that will keep your clients informed about the ever changing market. Your clients, and/or prospective clients, will appreciate the personalized and direct information sent to them through My Rate Mailer. Sign up at today and get a FREE trail!

Recent positive refinance and purchase numbers have given way to a huge influx in Loan Officer job applications across the nation’s leading mortgage job networks, according to a recent article on the Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch.

The article discusses how companies like Anikim Credit Corp (who places job applicants with lenders) have seen a huge surge in Loan Officer job applications in recent months. The driving forces behind this trend include the current low interest rate and the fact that some prospective home buyers are 3 or more years out from a foreclosure or a short sale. This results in the purchase market seeing more activity with people buying homes again.

This trend is being realized by prospective Loan Officers who are either looking to re-enter the market after seeing the bubble burst in ’08, or are changing careers looking for a more lucrative opportunity in the Mortgage industry. With the average Loan Officer’s annual average earning s rising 17.3% this year over last (according to National Mortgage News), it is no surprise that our industry is an attractive one for these groups.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

7 Mortgage Marketing Tips For Loan Officers

My Rate Mailer gives Loan Officers the opportunity to market themselves easily and effectively. These 7 Mortgage Marketing tips give insight into just how much work a Loan Officer MUST put into marketing themselves in order to be successful. My Rate Mailer works for each Loan Officer in the effort to market themselves providing personalized custom rate sheets, sent to all clients as frequently as you would like opening the lines of communication and helping to establish real relationships with clients.

Mortgage Marketing Tip #1

Make your advertising and print media more effective by having a headline on everything: letters, greeting cards, ads, everything.

Headlines are what get the reader. They make them want to read more. They tell the reader what benefit he/she will get from reading more. And that's exactly what you want them to do.

Make the headline powerful and include a benefit.


3 things you can do today to improve your credit

Here's something you might enjoy...

I started thinking of you when I read this article...

Make sure to include a headline in all your media and it will increase your results.

Mortgage Marketing Tip #2

When you do something for a client, brag about it.

What I mean is, if you accomplish something, make it a big deal.'

"Mr. Hity, I was holding my breath for a while, and that collection on your credit report made it real close, but I fought for you and got the lender to approve your loan!"

That's a lot better than saying, "Hi, your loan was approved today. Congrats."

Make yourself out to be the valuable professional you are. Make sure that your clients know exactly what you do for them.

Mortgage Marketing Tip #3

Write thank you notes to people everyday.

This one mortgage marketing tool can make you so much money your head will spin. Everyone loves to be appreciated and acknowledged. Being nice and having manners are a thing of the past. But when you take the time to thank someone, you connect to them on deeper level.

Get yourself some thank you cards from the stationery store and thank people who did something for you today. It could be for anything,

Thank your mailman for bringing the mail up to the office. Thank the underwriter for a speedy decision

Thank your client for calling to say they would be late

Thank the realtor for the referral.

These cards can make someone's day. And you really stand out from the crowd as a caring mortgage professional when you use them.

Mortgage Marketing Tip #4

If someone answers your phone for you, have him or her use the following line,

"He/she is working with a client right now, let me see if he can take the call."

This does a couple things,

1. Makes you seem busy even if you are not. This shows the client that you are in demand and confirms that he made a good decision by choosing you.

2. Allows you to not talk to people you do not want to talk to

3. Allows you to say to the caller, if you pick up, that they are important enough to you to interrupt an important client meeting.

This might not be a "traditional" mortgage-marketing tool, but it will make you more desirable. And while it will not make the phone ring more, when it does, you will get respect from those on the other end of the line.

Mortgage Marketing Tip #5

C.A.N.I = Constant and Never Ending Improvement

Do something everyday to improve your business. 1 small change everyday can make a huge difference in a couple months. Implement one mortgage marketing tool at least once a week. At least.

Over the course of a couple years, the results will be dramatic.

Just one small thing is enough. Examples are:

-Hanging a certificate of completion on the wall

-Hanging a testimonial on the wall

-Adding a signature to your emails

-Adding a small consumer article to your website

Mortgage Marketing Tip #6

Look at other businesses for great ideas to adapt to your business

Most innovations come from other businesses.

Like the drive thru window. Who knows who started it, but fast food places use it, banks use it, pharmacies use it, and even restaurants are experiencing success with it.

What new services do you use that make your life easier? Can you adapt these to your business? How about emailing potential customers the interest rate everyday if they request it? Or Providing a Post-Closing Kit with items clients will need when moving?

You can use the marketing tools from other businesses too. If you see a marketing piece that really gets your attention, think about how to adapt it and use it in your business.

Mortgage Marketing Tip #7

It doesn't matter how good a loan officer you are - if you suck at marketing, you will starve.

Knowing how to get clients is infinitely more important than any other knowledge you may attain.

Tony Robbins is not the best NLP trainer out there, but he is the richest because he knows how to market himself.

The Men-Mars, Women-Venus guy is not the best marriage counselor out there, but he sure made a killing in books, tapes, and seminars.

How much money you make has very little correlation to how much you know. Of course you must know the basics, but other than that, it makes very little difference at all.

He who markets best, makes the most money.

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